Lavina + Kunal

The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta
Modern Ballroom Wedding

Design is a process. Everyone involved in styling and production world would agree. Renounced designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs to Niluh Djelantik with their own personal satisfaction strive to give the best end products. Here in redgardenia we too believe in this value.
What we love on Lavina and Kunal’s day is that they trust us in our design process and creation of their special day.
It is a modern ballroom design with bold color combination. Really loving the use of black in this wedding decoration. Sharp clean edges contrasted with soft touches of flowers and pearls.
We tried to awe the guest through foyer entrance through to the ballroom. The idea developed from modern brief with pearls yet again color contrast, playful lighting and airy design of foyer canopy really created an impact that we wanted.
The ballroom itself was focused on the white stage, contrasting with the black wall drapes. It is where family and couple performed through out the night. Red roses in clean modern arrangement also created a contrasting element to this night.
Of course we wouldn’t be able to make this happen without a great collaboration from the team at Ritz Carlton and Innaz Communique. It was a great experience for us to be a part of your special day Lavina and Kunal.
Thank you Lightworks Photography for some of this beautiful images.